UIC College of Engineering Building Illustrations

This set of architectural illustrations was created to portray the buildings associated the the College of Engineering at UIC. The images are to be used to represent the College across different types of collateral. For the UIC Engineering Alumni Awards, for instance, the image was incorporated into the design of programs, invitations, envelopes, and web graphics. The building illustrations and associated floor plans were also used for an interactive directory, found in the lobby of each repspective building.

EIB, Engineering Innovation Building, 2019.

ERF, Engineering Research Facility, 2019.

SEO, Science and Engineering Offices, 2019.

SEO, Science and Engineering Offices, 2019.

UIC Engineering Alumni Awards design for invitation and program cover

UIC Engineering Alumni Awards web header

ERF and EIB Buildings, UIC Blue,
Engineering Innovation Building, oblique view.

Home Screen, ERF Building Directory.
Detail Screen, ERF Building Directory

Home Screen, EIB Building Directory.

Detail Screen, EIB Building Directory.

Kristin Smith    ︎︎    Chicago, IL