This floor installation of bricks create a pathway a person could interact with while moving through a space.  I drew on my research around “the pedestrian,” “everyday acts,” and “the production of space” to come up with a series of statements relating to our interactions and relationships with public space.

Bricks form a pathway on which text can be read from two opposing directions. The paths diverge and then intersect in the middle of the space. On each side, when it says “architecture limits where one can walk,” the path turns to avoid an obstruction, and when it says possibilities and interdictions,” the path splits into two options.

Brick Pathway Installation, 2019.

space is consciously created

social space is a social product

social space incorporates social action

architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go

space is the ultimate locus and medium of struggle

spatial order organizes an ensemble of possibilities and interdictions

Kristin Smith    ︎︎    Chicago, IL